FAQ - Touchclass Gamification - Touchclass

Can I connect my own LMS with Touchclass?

Yes, Touchclass API will enable you to connect.

Is Touchclass available on both PC and mobile devices?

Yes, all of Touchclass’s features are supported on
Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Is there a limit on the number or size of contents?

We do not limit the number of contents.
We provide capacities ranging from 1,000 GB to more than 4,000 GB depending on the type of product.

Can I only use contents that I myself made on Touchclass?

We develop, create, and provide our own content regarding several job-related competencies, such as leadership.
We also develop and manage content for the employment insurance refund process in the form of a multimedia e-book.

Who has the ownership rights for contents?

Touchclass is a solution program for authoring and distributing contents,
and has nothing to do with ownership rights.
Customers own the contents.

Is there a risk for data leakage?

We have complied with all security standards and been investing in cyber security. Touchclass service requires minimum personal information, such as a learner's email address and name only.

Is there a contract period for solution usage, or a cancellation fee?

There is no contract period,
and we request a written notice for cancellation 30 days prior to service termination.

Is it difficult to create content with the authoring tool?

We provide a user manual for the Touchclass authoring tool.
With just 1-2 hours of training,
you can easily create your content.

How can I use my contents after the termination of an agreement?

We provide your content in the form of an HTML download after the termination of an agreement.

Can only administrators manage Touchclass?

You can adjust settings to give non-administrators authority to manage specific functions, such as content editing, course administration, etc.