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Through fun and optional
content, we offer a space for
collaborative learning.
Touchclass designs content optimized for mobile.
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  • Online Communities
  • #Hashtags
  • Blogs
  • Search Engines
  • Forums
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • GIFs
  • Analysis of Client Demand

  • Content Planning

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Improvements in learning content must keep up with the changing times.
Touchclass creates not passive or rote, but interactive and collaborative learning content
that is optimized for mobile.
Contents that read naturally like a blog post
Video, audio, image, text, GIF, quiz, survey...
DIY learning content you can organize however you want
Learning content that combines a variety of entertaining formats
Not passive or rote, but collaborative and social learning
We also create contents!
Touchclass provides a variety of content
that we developed with external specialists to break free from the norm.
  • Communication skills for emotionally drained customer service representatives Learn more

    An Experienced Customer Service Representative’s
    Confident Communication Strategies HyunJung Park, Author
  • How to tactfully handle difficult customers Learn more

    Emotional Laborer,
    Enduring Difficult Customers GyeSun Kim, Author
  • Key skills for leading your team to high performance Learn more

    The Top 4 Skills for
    Effective Leaders
  • Essential skills for assistant managers who want a key role in the company Learn more

    Essential skills for assistant managers who want a key role in the company
  • Key skills for high-performing HR administrators Learn more

    The Top 4 Skills of
    Effective HR Administrators
  • Key skills for staff having trouble performing their work Learn more

    The Top 4 Skills of
    Effective Staff
  • How to train your voice to sound more trustworthy Learn more

    The Charm That Captures People,
  • Super simple office stretch Learn more

    Quick and Simple Office Stretching,
  • Makeup tips by office workers, for office workers! Learn more

    Kim's Office
    Makeup Guide