Gamification - Touchclass
Experience a new and fun learning culture
by adopting aspects of games to boring training courses!
Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts. It attracts voluntary participation from learners.
The application of game elements and principles

Fun, Communication, and Learning all at once!
Missions motivate learners to participate in the training voluntarily.

Earn points for writing opinions and comments, liking content, progress, and more.
Experience the new learning culture Touchclass is leading

Reward Badges and Frames
Learners can earn frames and badges to decorate their profiles with
and extra points for learning activities.

You can see overall rankings sorted by operation period and course
Just enable the gamification feature, and that’s it! You can use the gamification feature without any other developments.
Make learning more fun
Touchclass tries to motivate learners by providing rewards and fun.
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